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We are licensed, insured, compassionate,discreet, well educated and highly trained certified professionals specializing in bio-hazard  (body fluids, blood and tissue) cleanup and decontamination.  We handle crime scene, suicide, homicide, accidental death or injury, hoarding, and animal infestation.  Providing cleanup of vehicles (including emergency vehicles)  public areas, medical facilities, private homes and businesses. 

The cleanup and decontamination of a trauma scene cannot be done by just anybody.  There are strict federal, state and local laws and rules regarding the safe removal of blood pathogens.  The governing agencies include the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),  and the Occupational and Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

In order to become certified to properly do this type of cleanup it is necessary to be trained and tested in the proper procedures for safe and effective removal of bio- hazardous material as well as personal protection of the technician.  We are OSHA compliant.

Our services are covered by most homeowners insurance policies  We are available 24/7 with rapid response.

Dealing with the effects of trauma or death is very difficult, our goal is to make the experience a little less painful for those involved.